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Moxie Apron


Protect your clothes from wax and powder with this adorable Moxie Sugar Wax Apron. The apron has an adjustable neck and double pockets for extra storage.

Moxie Drying Powder


Help absorb any moisture from the skin while sugaring with Moxie Drying Powder. Moxie Drying Powder is 100% natural and does not contain talc, perfumes or fillers

Moxie Stress Ball


Have fun and put your clients at ease when sugaring some of the more uncomfortable areas with The Moxie Stress Ball.

Moxie Sugar Pre/Post Spray


Moxie Pre/Post Spray is the perfect blend of which hazel and tea tree to help remove any lotions, dirt or make-up before sugaring and to help soothe the skin and close down pores after.

Moxie Sugar Wax


100% Natural Sugar Wax made from just 3 ingredients- sugar, water and lemon juice. Safe to use on all skin types, head to toes. There are no added dyes, chemicals, fillers or perfumes.