What is Sugar Waxing? 

Body Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural sugar wax made from only three ingredients: water, lemon juice and sugar. It is similar in texture to honey, but is even thicker creating a pliable “paste” to remove hair from the body, head to toe.

How is it used?
The wax is molded onto your skin going with (some go against) the direction of the hair growth, then quickly flicked off – removing the sugar paste, extracting your unwanted hair and collecting dead skin cells.  This ancient hand technique that allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth means less breakage and discomfort for you, resulting in a smoother finish and reducing in-grown hairs and irritation.

How long does my hair have to be?

Hair should be at least 1/8″ long, the longer the hair the better the results and the longer it lasts. If the hair is very short the sugar may not be able to attach to the hairs and pull them out. Preferably 2-3 weeks of growth at a minimum.

How do I heat the sugar up? 

Do not place sugar jar in a wax pot, ever. The wax pot even at the lowest temperature will melt the jar and ruin your sugar. We recommend buy a sugar warmer from http://www.freemansalon.com or if in a pinch, you can heat in a hot a bowl of water or in the microwave in increments of 5 (five) seconds, remember, it does not need to be hot. Just above room temperature so it’s warm, but not hot. If too hot, let cool down for a few moments before applying to skin.

What is the difference between sugar and wax?

  • Sugar is made of only three ingredients; there are no added dyes, perfume, color, additives or chemicals.
  • Sugar does not have to be hot to work, eliminating burns to the skin
  • Sugar only sticks to hair, not skin, it is safe and effective for all skin types, head to toe.
  • Sugar can be applied and removed using a gloved hand, eliminating excess waste of strips and sticks and reduces risk of contamination by not double dipping in the product jar.
  • Sugar is non-toxic.
  • Sugar cleans up easily if spilled on hair, face, floor etc. with just a little hot water.
  • You can go over the same area twice using sugar without damage to skin/hair follicle.
  • Safe for sensitive and/or fair skin.
  • Safe for younger kids and won’t alter the direction of hair growth
  • Does not have to be hot to work, in fact, if it is too hot it should not be used